K a w a   H   P o u r 
Clothes are an individual expression for everyone, yet he creates a world of realistic dreams for the rest of us to loose ourselves in. He creates a dream place where one can find room for fantasy and an escape. Soft yet Rough, Sweet yet Sexy, Beautiful yet Aggressive… The International Fashion Stylist Kawa H Pour based in Stockholm but international runaway Stylist- not only puts together pieces to create a style, but shapes trends for us to take inspiration from.  
As he reflects a vision of an unconventional inspiration process, making us sense his trend knowledge on each Editorial made. Confident but yet fragile as he pushes the boundaries around his style techniques with taste and creates perfection around the models and the outfits Shaping the extravagant lines using modern but yet Classical Italian mood with a modern Scandinavian touch to break the stale atmosphere around the photography. 
“I am a poet who writes with color, design and textiles. I am a painter, an artist who paints with clothes” Kawa H Pour
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